Friday, 28 October 2016

My New Book - An American Detective In Venice

Kelly and Michel are on honeymoon in romantic Venice when they are cat – apulted into a web of intrigue and mystery.
Number 4 in the American Detective Series is here, only 99p on Amazon Kindle.
The warm breeze rippled the blue water and I leaned back on my cushion with a sigh of contentment. I looked across the gondola at my new husband. Michel was gazing at me with what I can only describe as a come-hither look in his sexy, hooded, Frenchman’s eyes. It was strange the things you noticed, I thought. A little snapshot of the scene seemed to play out in slow motion. Michel’s brown hair was flopping over his forehead in the same old boyish way; his wiry body was taut under his shirt and trousers. His hairy hand and arm were bare as he lifted his fingers to his lips to blow me a kiss, and his gold wedding ring glinted in the morning sun. I was swamped with a wave of love and longing that was so strong, I had to close my eyes. When I opened them again, a black, furry head was obscuring my husband’s handsome one. I sat up.
“What the...?”
Michel was laughing, and the gondolier turned.
“Mario! Mama mia! Come here! What are you doing, you naughty cat?” He turned to me. “Ah, signorina, a thousand pardons!”
“Oh,” I said, “This is your cat.”
Si, si. He follows me to work sometimes, and hides on the boat. He loves to ride with me. Never, never, does he want stay ‘home alone’. But, please, signorina, do not report me to the authorities, I beg you. Mario, he does no harm.”
Michel answered before I could. “Oh, do not worry about that, monsieur. Kelly does not mind cats. She has one herself, and he, let me tell you, is very spoilt.”

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An American Detective in Venice

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